Friday, February 4, 2011

Double Punch Days At Scrapper's & Stamper's

Double Punch Days

Well we've decided to make the beginning of the week a little more fun. Starting February 7th every Monday and Tuesday will be Double Punch Days. What does that mean? Well instead of just getting the amount of your regular priced items, pre-tax going towards your punch card total that amount will double on Monday and Tuesday. So $4 becomes $8, $25 becomes $50, and $100 becomes your next coupon!* And this isn't just a one time deal, this special is here to stay!

*Sale items and sales tax do not go towards punch card total.

We have also added to our sale. The Paint Dabbers from Ranger are now 50% off. That makes them $1.75 so come and get them before they're gone.

Want some help with those parking meters? Well if you put in a quarter let us know when we ring up your sale. If you put a quarter in the meter we'll take a quarter off your purchase that day. Doesn't seem like much? Well that $.25 could cover your sales tax, buy a yard of ribbon or two, or maybe even a little embellishment or sticker. And in these times we all know that every little bit helps.

Also don't forget that we have classes and a crop coming up this month. Check them out.


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