Saturday, August 28, 2010

We're New AND Improved!

We've been busy around here. We have some new collections (the new) and we've done some tweaking with some of the theme sections (the improved).

Our food section has gotten a makeover. Some of the generic products that were in there have found new homes and the embellishments have now got some much needed hanging space. Also brand new from Melissa Frances we have Kitsy Kitchen. This collection has some fun retro labels and great colors. Definitely not a collection to miss.

I'm sure some of you remember the craziness from last years holiday season. With our new store opening and the massive orders we managed to miss something. From Reminisce we have the Safari collection. This is a great collection for zoo with all of the animal embellishments. But we can't forget the paper. The textures and prints on the specialty papers are simply amazing! Snake skin, elephant hide, zebra and tiger stripes are all in this collection and they look great. And my favorite sticker is the zoo sign stickers. Animal shapes and names will be perfect for labeling zoo pictures.

Also from Melissa Frances we have a new line for Breast Cancer called Thankful. Subtle prints in pretty pastels make this collection absolutely beautiful. There are also some great phrase stickers that can be utilized in tons of different things. And this came just in time for the Faith & Inspiration section to get a face-lift.

We finally got some new school stuff. No it's not the mascots but this new collection from Reminisce will work for just about all of your school needs. There is a set of dimensional stickers for every grade from Preschool to Senior featuring, depending on the grade, computers, crayons, books, a great title and more. And if that isn't enough Reminisce has also given us a set of cardstock stickers for all the school grades as well.

Also from Reminisce is the new Real Magic 2010 line. Reminisce has done it again with their new innovations. The foil firework paper is absolutely amazing. And the balloon papers are fantastic, these are the best balloons I've seen! And how about dimensional paper? Yep that's right dimensional, not embossed, this paper has a layered dimensional castle turret in the bottom corner that is just amazing. And speaking of castles, how about a build your own castle. With numbered pieces and a convenient map on the back you can put the pieces together as is, or get creative with them and add your own effects. This is definitely one of the most innovative collections that I have ever seen. (And the pictures just don't do it justice.)

A while back we had a gorgeous fairy tale collection. Well we finally got it restocked. The Once Upon A Time collection from Die Cuts With a View is just gorgeous. This collection is amazing for wedding pages, and with the dragon, fairies, mermaids, potions, and more there is tons of things that you can use this collection for. Also this collection has been discontinued so what we have is the last of it.

For the last few days we have been rearranging the seasonal sections. Now Halloween and Fall have come out of their cubby and are taking the front stage. And of course what would a seasonal rearrange be without new stuff?

First from Reminisce we have The Moon Shine Crew. This adorable collection features all the classic monsters, just adorable, in bright fun Halloween colors. Also a large 12x12 featuring a haunted house occupied by some of the cute little monsters.

From We R Memory Keepers we have the Black Out Halloween collection. This is one of my favorite Halloween collections. It's bright and fun and has excellent prints. One of the best things about this collection is the 6x6 block pages. Five of the papers have a side that have 6x6 blocks of the various prints printed on them, making them perfect for cards and mini books. (Which we'll be having a mini book class for this collection so check back) Also the embellishments for this collection are great. The cute candy with even cuter names are probably my favorite.

Does anyone remember Autumn Forrest from last year? It was the cute fall collection from Reminisce that had little animals some fruits and even a turkey leg print. Well Reminisce has added to that collection. Autumn Forest 2010 coordinates perfectly with the original and it is just as cute, well there aren't any turkey legs this time, but I think we can let that slide. Also this collection is geared a little more toward pumpkin patches then just general fall so if you need some papers for that day of choosing pumpkins this is definitely an excellent.

Now this next collection isn't new. We had it last year but it got out late so I know a lot of people have missed. From Creative Imaginations we have Fright Night. A fairly new designer Melange makes this one amazing collection. This paper has a subtle elegance while still showcasing the fun spirit of Halloween. A great balance of fun and sophisticated.

Now for some of our much needed improvements. We have created a new theme. Now you can find all music, dance, acting and select licensed products in our brand new Performing Arts section. This new section is great because it has allowed us first of all to get all of this stuff in the same spot, especially the hard to place papers like stages, and secondly it has freed up space in other sections (that's how we fit the new Reminisce school collection in). Find this section where the Military section used to be.

And that brings be to the other improvement. Our brand new, expanded Military section. Finally the military (plus police and fire fighter) stuff has some breathing room. Also having this expanded collection means that all the patriotic embellishments that were so hard to see are now easily accessible. Our new Military section is where the SEI used to be, and the SEI of course went to Boise.

Well that was tons of stuff! We hope to see you soon!


PS. We have people still asking about our big sale, so we have decided to do something about that. Starting Monday select KI Memories will be 60% off, Select magazines $1 each, and (still) the Dream Street paper is at 50% off. I knew I saw a sale!

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